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Overcome Unit Test Failures

WiseTester is a unit testing tool for .NET developers that are using unit tests to test their code. When a certain unit test fails, either on the developer's machine or on the build server, WiseTester can find the code changes which caused the unit test to fail, saving you the time of debugging the code in order to find the problem.
  Stop Wasting Time Debugging Your Unit Tests!

Getting Started with Unit Test Regression Analysis

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"Integrating WiseTester into our development environment took only 30 minutes. Since then, we are more confident in making code changes, even in delicate places. When a unit test fails, WiseTester can find the code changes which caused the failure, letting us concentrate on real tasks instead of spending valuable time on debug sessions in order to find the reason of the failure."
David D., SecureTeam
Product Manager
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